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Meet Kim Baker: Representing Women in Roofing

Director of Public Relations Kimberly Baker
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Kimberly Baker - Director of Public Relations

Kimberly is the wife of Matt Baker and plays a vital role at Florida Coast Contracting & Roofing, often being the force behind the scenes ensuring smooth operations. Holding a B.A. in Communication Studies from Arizona State University since 2005 and a Masters in Business with a specialization in Business Leadership earned in 2016, Kimberly’s academic background perfectly aligns with her responsibilities within the company. Her journey with the organization began shortly after her graduation when she joined forces with Jim Baker, marking the beginning of her tenure at what was formerly known as ACC MasterCraft Roofing Contractors.

Kimberly’s expertise in communication and business leadership is instrumental in her management of the office operations and in addressing all customer inquiries. As the Director of Public Relations, she not only represents the “face” of the company but is also the primary point of contact for customers throughout the duration of their projects, embodying the company’s commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

In addition to her substantial contributions to Florida Coast Contracting & Roofing, Kimberly is a proud member of the National Women in Roofing (NWIR), a 501(c)6 volunteer-based organization dedicated to promoting the growth and success of women in the roofing industry. This esteemed organization supports women roofing professionals across all facets of the industry, including manufacturing, design, installation, and management, among others. NWIR’s core pillars—networking, mentoring, education, and industry recruitment—reflect Kimberly’s own values and her commitment to fostering professional development and inclusion within the roofing sector. NWIR’s inclusive approach also extends to male “allies” who advocate for women’s participation in the industry, further exemplifying the collective effort to enhance the industry’s professionalism and inclusivity. Kimberly’s involvement with NWIR highlights her dedication not only to her personal and professional growth but also to the advancement and betterment of the roofing industry as a whole.